Chris C. Sandoval

photo3CP Equity Builders is your answer for Real Estate solutions in the greater San Antonio area and surrounding counties.

We acquire distressed properties, wholesale, estate, discounted properties with available Equity ready for redevelopment-into the market. We then reposition the marketable property back in to the market with its highest potential of resale, After Repair Value. With a broad range of services including investment management, residential construction, real estate brokerage, investment cost-benefit analysis, and much more. We can provide the action you need and are dedicated to your financial stability and personal prosperity. Since our inception we have been working with homeowners, home buyers, and investors to achieve their goals. With our extensive experience and expertise we are able to provide solutions to all of your real estate needs. With over 20 years of real estate and construction industry experience, CP Equity Builders has provided guidance and assistance to all sorts of real estate problems. If you’ve got a real estate problem, need, or just a goal to improve your situation through real estate, we’ve got the answer.

Our Education and Experience

Education:       Central Catholic High School, 1983

1983-1986 College San Antonio College

1984 SABOR: 60 hours of Real-estate Foreclosures

1993-1995 College courses in Construction Blue prints

Estimating, safety, blue print, Scheduling by method- Critical

Path Method. CPM sure-track certified

Certified: Corps Certified; safety and quality control

General Contractor: Certification Corps of Engineers

Municipal and State Contracting Certifications.

2004 SABOR: 120 Core Courses in Real estate

2012 AAS Real Estate


License:          Licensed, Realtor 2004

Licensed, Plumber 1989- Sandoval Plumbing Repair Inc dba Sandoval Construction Co.

LIC. Prime Contractor 1990-present

Bexar Plumbing LLC aka Construction Puzzle LLC and Construction Management Services.(Consultant)

Experience:     2004-present

Realtor, experience in HUD homes, commercial properties

Location for best investment for an investment opportunity

6 top producer awards; 4 million in sales


Construction Puzzle

Building / Remodeling / Flip-homes / Construction Consultant Services


August 1989 to March 2004

President and Owner of Sandoval Plumbing Repair Inc., D/B/A Sandoval Construction Company: Prime Contractor & Plumbing Contractor

Responsibilities include overall business management of operations. Duties included project management: project scheduling, supervision of other projects and superintendents. Other duties were to supervise accounts, market new accounts, and training of personnel. Level of management 70-90 employees.

Project estimates up to 8 million, largest completed project 4.9 million.

Largest Joint Venture * 10 million

Largest work on hand * 43 million


Project: Mexican Cultural Institute

2001 Minority Construction Contractor of the Year Award by SBA regional District and UTSA Minority District Office


1984-1987 Sandoval Plumbing Co. Owner Carlos Sandoval,

Full time Plumbers helper and job log daily records. Shop inventory control, for commercial and repair products.

1977-1983 Sandoval Plumbing Co. Owner Carlos Sandoval,

Responsibilities include, part time plumber’s helper and shop inventory.